The Fashion of Coachella

Coachella 2022: Is it worth it?

Natalia Larios, Features Editor

The first Coachella Weekend happened April 15th-April 17th, and there was a lot to say about it.

From influencers to celebrities, the annual music festival that occurs over the course of two weekends is an event for people to listen to music and dress in eccentric clothing. It usually occurs in Indio, California where it’s desert climate and high temperatures.

When it began in 1999, its intentions were to give platforms for small, indie artists to perform their music and gain exposure. In recent years, huge artists headline each weekend and it seems to have turned into a fashion competition.

“The Queen of Coachella” Vanessa Hudgens incorporated a boho-chic style in her outfits which influenced many others to follow along with her. Coachella had this free-spirited theme going and a lot of people dressed for comfort to just enjoy themselves and the music. Now, influencers and celebrities hire big-name stylists to curate extravagant outfits for Coachella, which then turns into a social media competition to see who can be talked about more.

I like the no-effort outfits that people used to wear from 2000-2015. I would want to be comfortable when dancing or walking around the festival in high heat and desert winds. The culture was also more relaxed and there were no pressures in impressing others on the internet. I think if we bring back this culture of Coachella, people can enjoy it more.