Going Back and Forth on Week Back

Taft Juniors and Seniors had an unnecessarily difficult week going back and forth between days in school and out.


Reanna Sturgill, Staff Reporter

Spring Break is over and after a long week of no school, Taft students returned on Monday… and then Juniors and Seniors had Tuesday off. On Wednesday though, everyone can get back to their schedule at school– oh look! We have Thursday off for Parent-Teacher Conferences. And school was set to continue on Friday.

With all of this back and forth specifically on the Juniors and Seniors, it has been quite the experience. Most students are not immediately ready to get back to work after a break which impacts their academic performance on those days. With that in mind, was it really beneficial to have three days of school that week? It was not.

I experienced this problem first-hand. During the week I had a decrease in work ethic and I was tired even though I slept more than eight hours each night. For example, while writing this article I struggled writing what I wanted to say. These are struggles that Juniors I’ve talked to had also gone through- or avoided while at home.

Besides having some noticeable student absences throughout the week, teachers also had to come up with lesson plans that would not be as impacted by the days off. This, paired with the decline in student brain power, shows an ostensibly non-efficient school day. Having the week off or a different schedule would have most likely combatted this.

By changing the format of the no school days, Juniors and Seniors would have stood a better chance at efficiently using time at school. When every day feels like a Friday, it is hard to get work done. Even as I worked on this article, my teacher stopped class to get students to focus.

This was a genuine problem that could have been corrected by rescheduling the week. Stopping and starting learning is not an easy thing for any party. This is even more true at the end of the year where Juniors are preparing for their final year and Seniors are ready to move on.