Taft Eagles are Soaring Through the Court

Taft Boys Volleyball Celebrates Senior Night

Ava Koldan, Staff Reporter

On April 28, Taft’s boys’ varsity volleyball celebrated senior night honoring players in the class of 2022. There are three seniors on the team, Zedrick Gammad, Patryk Bieniek, and Bobby DiSandro.

When asked about the senior night game against Walter Payton College Prep, Patryk Bieniek, Senior, stated “The whole team had surprised the seniors and made that game very memorable. I remember walking down the court as the whole team cheered, it reminded me of the very first day I stepped into the gym freshman year. It really made me feel how fast time flies.”

Bieniek reflected on the team’s progress throughout the season: “That night’s game reflected the hard work we put in during every practice. Everyone wanted to show what they can do on the court rather than just win. I’m very grateful for having such a great team.” 

Taft is currently holding a total of 6 wins and 15 losses for the 2022 season. Although the team was defeated in that game, the Eagles held a high spirit and are looking forward to their next meet. The Eagles’ next game will be against Senn and held on Monday, May 9 at the Taft Freshman Academy.