Hope for the Homeless Holds Unique Fundraiser

Hope for the Homeless Club learns to make bracelets to fund a local homelessness non-profit.

Hope for the Homeless Holds Unique Fundraiser

Isabel Roizman-Arellano, News Editor

Hope for the Homeless is hosting a bracelet sale. The bracelets are handmade by club members and cost $2 each. Proceeds will go to club funds and the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

Leah Gonzalez, club member, shared, “We decided on the Handmade Bracelet Sale because we wanted an event that was creative all the while for a good cause.” Club members began making bracelets two weeks ago, shared member Clair Martyn.

Benjamin Rosado explained that bracelet-making was new to some club members: “Before we started making bracelets for the sale I had never made a single bracelet in my life that I can remember.”

Other members were more experienced: “I knew how to make bracelets prior, and I had so much fun implementing what I already knew. I liked being able to have creative freedom on the designs,” shared William Rosado.

CCH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for public policy to end homelessness in Chicago. The club has been meaning to work with CCH for a long time: “We thought allocating the proceeds to them was perfect,” shared Gonzalez.

“I’m happy to be able to contribute my hard work to a good cause and be able to sell these bracelets to support the Chicago Coalition for Homeless. Events like this are why I love being a part of Hope for the Homeless,” shared Benjamin Rosado.

Students attending the Varsity Campus may purchase the bracelets between May 2-6 outside Gate 1 directly after school and students attending the Freshman Academy may purchase the bracelets between May 5-6 in the main entrance after school.

The club is not doing more fundraisers this year. Olivia Drwal shared,“We have many plans for the next school year! We are always communicating with members of the club to find new ideas and opinions on potential events.”