A Golden Apple for a Golden Teacher

Taft Art Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award

Reanna Sturgill, Staff Reporter

The Golden Apple Award, which is handed out to teachers that have lasting positive effects on their students’ lives and their school communities, according to ABC7, was recently awarded to Taft Art Teacher Jennifer Trejo. For Ms. Trejo, the honor “hasn’t fully sunken in.”
Prepared to proctor an AP art exam at 8 a.m. on a Monday, Ms. Trejo was surprised to see a camera crew walk in. “It took a minute to register what was happening in my brain.” Ms. Trejo admits she is flattered to have been picked. “To get recognition on any level is always really touching,” she shared.
Ms. Trejo knew what the award was because her mentor had received one in the past. Having been a teacher at Taft for 15 years (a teacher for a total of 19 years), she says that “I never thought I’d get any kind of award.”
Ms. Trejo believes that Taft deserves this honor. “There are fancy schools, [and] there are schools with tons of money in different suburbs, but none of that matters. What matters is what you build from the inside.”
Ms. Trejo says that she really loves her job even though she does not see it as one. “The Taft community is wonderful. The things people do at school here, the students that come here, the teachers, everyone has their hearts in the right places.”
“Positivity right now matters a lot in any space that we’re in” remarks Ms. Trejo. She mentions that as a teacher, it is a necessity to have a safe space for students.
As for what she says to her students, “I just want my students to know I appreciate them.”