Taft Girl’s Soccer Ready to Take on Challenging Opponent

Taft’s Girls soccer team talks about new strategies they will utilize in upcoming game against Back of the Yards

Courtesy of Coach Mikula

Courtesy of Coach Mikula

Jasmine Salazar, Staff Reporter

Taft’s Girls Soccer Team competes May 4, 2022, against a challenging opponent: Back of the Yards at the Varsity campus. Taft’s assistant girl’s soccer coach, Mr. Mikula, describes that there is not much that he and head coach, Mr.Harte, would change from their last game against top-level team, Payton College Prep.

Mr. Mikula describes their game against Payton by stating: “We played solid defensively, possessed the ball when we could, and took advantage of the limited chances we created. We won’t make big changes, but we always look to make big improvements to what we are already doing.”

The opponents of Taft’s Girls Soccer Team cannot win if they do not have the ball. The team has “maintained this philosophy from the very beginning over 3 years ago,” Mr. Mikula says when explaining their strategies. Furthermore, in regards to today’s game, he explains: “We want our opponents to adjust to us with the qualities we bring to the field.”

As for practices, Taft’s Girls Soccer Team focuses on both technical skills and tactical awareness. Mikula also voices that the team “have also focused on a variety of finishing drills to capitalize on those opportunities to score in as many moments as possible.”

Junior Sarah Gorder describes during their last few weeks of their sessions, the team has been working on strengthening their finishing abilities. Examples of this include bouncing balls, dead balls, one touch, and much more. She also says that the team knows what they need to achieve in practice to perform well in games.

In relation to the game they have on May 2, sophomore Asia Ling predicts that the next game will be a win as long as they go out there and play like they did yesterday, putting 100% of their effort while making smart decisions. Sarah is in agreement by also believing they will win.

The team feels better and confident after winning a “battle- tested game” against Walter Payton which resulted in a tie. Now these girls are currently battling to win a city championship title…

Good luck to Taft’s Girls Soccer Team.