Science Department Grows a Unique Gift for Seniors

The science department propagates their 2022 senior gift.


Throughout all of Taft’s previous senior classes, the science department takes extra care to leave their graduating seniors with a parting gift with heavy symbolism. This year, the science department has approached this gift giving with a hands on and communal approach: plant propagations.

The science teachers did not want to give out an easy gift; plants require intense care and attention to keep them alive. This is the philosophy the science department wants to instill in the graduating class with a gift. Ms. Chander, Biology teacher, states, “My idea of giving these plants to my classes was so my students can grow with these plants throughout college. Mature with your plants.”

The graduating class appreciates this symbolic act. The actual process of growing these plants was fun, as classes got to choose seeds of their choice, germinate them, water them whenever class occurred, and check in on them every day. This learning activity allowed students to gain real experience of growing, and a few students even found out they had a green thumb!

Over the course of a few weeks, our plants blossomed. From onions to leeks to mint to squash, our class saw a plethora of blooms. Not only could students take home what they grew, but Mrs. San Juan and Ms. Chander ensured that students would have healthy plants to take home. Mrs. San Juan grew a snake plant and cut many plant pups off of it to propagate into their own plants. Ms. Chander grew golden pothos and propagated many of the vines to put in individual pots for the students.

Please stop by and thank our wonderful science department. These graduation gifts were very heartfelt and a lot of effort was put into them. The hands-on approach of gift giving really changed a lot of students’ mindsets and growing our own plants was an invaluable experience.