Taft Introduces New Passes

New, brightly colored hallway passes effective March 28.

Franco Pierri, Reporter

Taft has introduced new hallway passes, which went into effect on Monday, March 28. The new passes are to “limit the amount of time spent in the halls and to help students locate the nearest washrooms,” according to the Taft Student/Family Communications published the 25th of March.

The passes come in 6 different colors, each one with its own purpose. In the old building, the first floor is yellow, the second floor is pink, and the third floor is white. In the new building, rooms 245-275 are green, rooms 145-166 are orange, and rooms 167-187 are blue.

The passes also consist of useful information on the back, including the closest open washroom based on your pass’ location. The passes are available 10 minutes after class begins until 10 minutes before class ends. If you are caught without a pass or in the wrong colored zone, you will be sent back to class.

Assistant Principal Mr. Patrick Levins says that the “teachers are responsible for tracking and monitoring the passes” since the old ones were always lost, damaged, or stolen. Mr. Levins also mentions how it is pretty silly that it has come to this. It’s a “small minority of students who aren’t following these hallway procedures.”

If these passes work out then students will be seeing them for a long time.