Taft Robots Play to Win!

The Robotic Eagles take first place in the Central Illinois Regional Championship.

Amanda Ortiz, Reporter

Taft’s Robotics team, the Robotic Eagles, has been active for 3 years. This year, they won first place in the 2022 Central Illinois Regional Robotics Championship!

Robotics is a club at Taft which involves a large group of talented and bright students to design, construct, code, and operate complex robots to compete in competitions.

This year, the Robotic Eagles built a robot which can move in all directions on wheels, capture balls from the floor, and shoot those balls with accuracy into a basketball-esque funnel. The team has been working on it all year.

In this year’s competition, different teams and districts were selected and combined, in a draft style, to create alliances for the third day competition. Taft was selected to the number one team.

When interviewing members of the team, they were all ecstatic about their win. One junior, Johnny Ortiz, said, “I’m really excited about winning, we all have worked so hard this year and our skills have improved so much.”

The team has communicated that all is welcome to join and would be greeted with a warm welcome. “I’m excited to have a bigger team and to win more competitions next year,” shared teammate Nathaniel Weeks.

The Robotic Eagles will take flight to University of Illinois-Chicago to compete in the Midwest regional competition against teams from all over the country and some from other parts of the world. The Robotic Eagles compete under the number 8122. Go Taft!