CPS Calls on Students, Parents, Teachers to Vote for Academic Calendar

New calendar options bring significant changes, as students, parents, and teachers vote on options.

Franco Pierri, Reporter

Last month, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) introduced a new calendar along with a poll to vote. The poll was between our current calendar and a brand new updated version. The poll started February 12th and closed February 18th.

The new calendar brought many significant changes. We would start a week earlier and end school a week earlier. The new calendar would introduce a fall break. Instead of going to school for two days before Thanksgiving, we get the whole week off.

However, the most significant change is that the first semester will end before winter break. With our current calendar, the first semester doesn’t end until after winter break. With the two weeks off for winter break, it’s harder for students to get back to the routine of school. Students have to remember what they did when they come back instead of starting a new unit.

The principal, Mr. Grishaber, talked about why it was proposed and why he favors the new calendar. “We wanted to get our kids out of school before the middle of June to get jobs.”

Furthermore, Mr. Grishaber shared, AP and IB exams are done in May so it hurts Taft attendance. “The new one aligns with every other school district in the state,” Mr. Grishaber said.

Mr. Grishaber enjoys that CPS on a more competitive playing field with other schools. “It’s like having a race where everyone is one a 20 yard line in a 200 yard dash and CPS is on the 1 yard line.”