The Batman Exceeds Box Office Expectations

The Batman gets mixed reviews from critics, rave reviews from viewers.

Natalia Larios, Features Editor

Released in theaters on March 4 2022, The Batman took flight as it exceeded box office numbers like never before. Starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz, the dynamic duo made their superhero debuts.

Movie critics have a lot to say about Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman’s story. Top critic Richard Brody from The New Yorker states, “The movie’s inability to imagine its superheroes and supervillains with any meaningful psychological identity is of a piece with the failure to imagine ordinary people with any degree of individuality.”

This is a common theme amongst critics as they strip down The Batman. However, audience reviews say otherwise. Many have said that Pattinson’s rendition of the ideological hero is one of the best compared to the other actors that have played the part.

“It was truly amazing,” states Senior Shulamite Rivera who viewed the movie last weekend. “I think Robert Pattinson did a great job and has definitely proved himself to be more than just an angsty vampire.”

Viewers are loving The Batman and its dark, bold themes. Robert Pattinson has recreated his name in the film industry.