Bass Fishing Hooks a New Season

The only CPS high school with a bass fishing team begins a new season.

Leeomar Flores, Reporter

Taft Bass Fishing, a spring sport, started a new season this month. Taft is the only Chicago Public Schools high school with a Bass Fishing team. The team has qualified for state seven times in the twelve seasons the Illinois high school association has held the championship.

The team competitively catches bass in Illinois High School Association (IHSA)  Illinois Bass Fishing Coaches Association (IBFCA) competitions. The result of the winner is determined by the best weight of the bass, so you must know how to fish. “90% of winning bass angler’s work is done doing research,” says Bass Fishing Coach, Mr. Plencner.

The team players will mostly practice on their own free time without the team. The practice consists of researching or fishing alone or with a partner. The time of practice depends on the angler themselves. The team rarely meets up all together.

There are occasions where the team meets for limited meetings and practices at area lakes. The team practices at Skokie Lagoon or at Schiller Pond where the tournaments take place.