Taft Students Win Millions in Art Scholarships

Taft’s talented art students selected for prestigious scholarships.


Staff Reporter

You cannot walk through Taft’s halls without stopping in awe to admire the colorful artwork Taft students make. Whether it is paintings, ceramic sculptures, or sewing projects, Taft High School’s art department is there to nurture its students’ artistic talents and prepare them for a creative future.

This is why it is no surprise that our wonderful school has many students that have been selected for artistic scholarships due to their experience and skills. These tuition scholarships were awarded through the Illinois High School Art Exhibition and the All-City Senior Portfolio exhibition. Furthermore, they total over $2,800,000!

The students who received these scholarships are Sebastian Figueroa, Catherine Gruszka, Emily Hornik, Dua Hussein, Gretta Komperda, Jyn Li, Skylar Lim, Olga Makhlay, Skylar Pauel, Anita Picuasi, Cairlyn Riess, Adele Roberts, and Alexandra Sobier.

Senior scholarship winner, Skylar Pauel, spoke to Taft Today in an interview about how she feels about this victory. “It is so fulfilling to know that my art paid off and is helping me succeed in higher education. I am so thrilled to be able to establish myself as an artist.”

Additionally, the IHSAE Awards Ceremony Event is on Sunday, March 13th, which aims to represent over 500 student artworks competing for prestigious awards. The students representing Taft High School are Celeste Coyotl-Grande (drawing), Amanda Heckler (painting), Ian Katamy (pottery), Hoang-Yen Tinh (sculpture), and Samara Torres Contreras (mixed media)!

An extra large congratulations to Laelani Perez and to Tamia Wheeler who won scholarships to the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, which is one of the most prestigious art schools in the world.