Taft Sophomore Creates ‘Lean On Us’ Website To Raise Mental Health Awareness

Taft Sophomore Creates Lean On Us Website To Raise Mental Health Awareness

Mia Naples, Reporter

Taft sophomore Leah Gonzalez created Lean on Us, a blog-based website pertaining to mental health and relating topics. 

The Lean on Us mission is to advocate the importance of mental health transparency across the teenage community. The blog was created as a safe space where conversations about mental health can be held since it’s often a disclosed topic. Within the site, there are guest articles, Gonzalez’s personal articles, and a chat forum. 

“While visiting the blog, I hope viewers will take away a plethora of things. First and foremost, I want others to know they are not alone. By reading through my articles and guest articles, I hope the vulnerability of the writing is transparent enough for others to relate to. Second, I want the teenage community to know their feelings are valid,” said Gonzalez via email. 

The blog-based website allows everyone to submit their writing about mental health, and writers can choose to have their work be credited or anonymous. Gonzalez hopes to build a team of consistent and dedicated blog writers who will post articles weekly. As of right now, she is the only person running Lean on Us

Gonzalez’s personal articles cover a variety of topics, ranging from dealing with anxiety to how to journal about your mental health. Her personal articles are there to help people relate and find methods to aid their anxiety or take care of themselves more. 

The chat forum is for people to chat with each other, allowing them to find more people to relate to. 

The forum feature is a large attribute to Lean On Us. Coinciding with the mission of Lean On Us, to create a safe space where conversations can be held, users have the accessibility to create chats based on topics they are interested in or curious about on the forum. An important message on the forum is to be kind, and I think it acts as a nice place to communicate freely without any restrictions,” said Gonzalez. 

Those looking to get involved with Lean On Us can either email [email protected] or fill out the guest article form to submit their own written pieces to be uploaded on the website.