Staff And Teachers Of The Month: February


Ethan Lopez, Reporter

Teachers of the month for the month of February are Kathleen Madden, Christina Fowler, Meredith Adler, and the entirety of the Security Staff.

Meredith Adler is a counselor and has been working at Taft for one year. Her favorite part about working at Taft is the people, both students and coworkers.. 

I was so surprised and honored to have been chosen! I was selected for my involvement with the Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) committee, and I definitely want to recognize the great work that this entire team has been doing. We are working to make sure that all Taft students have equal access to rigorous AP and IB courses. I am excited to be involved and to feel a sense of community with this group!” said Adler via email.

Kathleen Madden is an English teacher who teaches English IV. She has been at Taft for 20 years. 

“I teach English IV and I am lucky enough to work with 3 brilliant teachers from our Language and Literature department and about 150 brilliant students!  I enjoy teaching this class because for the most part, seniors are students focused on a mission!  They realize they are about to leave their childhood at the end of this year and that they are entering a rather scary but very exciting time in their young lives. They are facing lots of important, life-changing decisions:  ‘What do I do after high school?  …college?  …tech school? …..military?’” said Madden via email.

Madden is passionate about the content she teacher in her class and the effect that it has on her students. 

“I love the interesting literature we read in English IV- especially the Ancient Literature unit that we are just finishing. I think that unit in particular —-really helps students get to know human nature better and so — get to know themselves better.  This helps them then to calmly and thoughtfully —weigh their options and make the best decisions for their future as they look forward to their upcoming graduation!” she said.

Christina Fowler, case manager of the diverse learners department, had been working at Taft for 16 years.

It feels tremendous to be honored this way. I work with amazingly talented colleagues,” said Fowler.

Teacher of the month nominations can be sent to Principal Mark Grishaber via email at [email protected]