Taft Junior Creates New TikTok Club

Kathryn McLoughlin, Reporter

TikTok has been soaring in popularity, and now, Taft students have even created an after school club devoted to the social media platform. 

TikTok is a social media platform that launched in September 2016 that has attracted billions of teens across the globe. The app is used to make fun videos ranging anywhere from 3 to 60 seconds that include dance, comedy, even education.

Junior Lina Vazquez knows that most people who have TikTok accounts are probably on the app all the time, and even during school. Because of this, she decided to create a club.

 “This club goes further than just sending a TikTok to your friend and never watching it,” says Vazquez. “The point of the club is to send the funny videos you would view and send to a friend or maybe post on another social media platform with little to no response to a club made account instead, for viewing during the club meet.” 

Vazquez shares that she was fueled to start the club to provide extra curricular opportunities for herself and other students to improve college applications.

 “I needed a club to join that was fun, I would be passionate about, and something I know I would stick to unlike a club that I had little interest in and I would eventually find boring…TikTok is fun, most of us have it and are on it frequently so if I am able to help myself and others be placed in social and extra curricular club that would be fun, and make people laugh for an hour during global pandemic times such as these, I think it would be a positive contribution to the Taft community.”

As of right now TikTok club currently has 12 members and will still be active next school year. TikTok club is every Thursday after school from 3 p.m to 4 p.m.. Students in joining the club, can email Lina Vazquez at [email protected]