2021 Senior Committee Making Plans For Seniors

Mia Naples, Reporter

The 2021 Taft senior committee is making plans despite the challenges of remote learning. 

The role of the senior committee is to plan activities for the senior class. In the past, the senior committee has planned the senior prom,  the senior trip, and senior sunrise. 

This year, the senior committee is sponsored by sophomore Spanish teacher Karina Maya. Maya used to be a Senior Sponsor at her first school she used to work at and took the role of being the Senior Sponsor at Taft to be more involved with the school. President Sarah Shilwa and vice-president Vivian Aviles help Maya run the committee. 

Due to the circumstances this year where students are learning online, the senior committee has been coming up with ideas to accommodate COVID-19 regulations.

 “Although many senior events and traditions have been put to a pause due to the unprecedented times, we have been planning some events in the spring that follow COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. As of right now we are working on senior t-shirt/gear and putting something special together for senior athletes in replacement of senior night,” said Shilwa via email. 

The email to join the senior committee was sent out to all the seniors from Maya and administration to see if seniors were interested in joining. The senior committee meets once a week on google meets. 

“I am not in charge of anything specific in the committee, but I do help with coming up with ideas to help make special events for the seniors. Right now as you can imagine we can’t do much because of the pandemic,” said senior committee member Ingrid Bustos via email. 

Despite pandemic restrictions, the committee plans on putting together at-home and in-person events throughout the rest of the year.

“During COVID-19, our events cannot necessarily be in-person, so we have been working on creating virtual events as well as events that require masks and social distancing. We are working on a bunch of fun events for spring, but I cannot reveal them yet since they’re a surprise,” said senior committee member Patricia Malik via email.

The senior committee is in the process of creating an instagram account for the class of 2021 to keep up to date with future events and plans.