Winter Spirit Week Falls Flat

Ethan Lopez, Reporter

      Taft students are dressing up and showing their school spirit for Winter Spirit Week before classes end for winter break.  Spirit week has been done at Taft each year, but due to current constraints because of the pandemic, getting the word out that it was spirit week in a remote setting has called for spirit week to be conducted differently.

Student participation becomes a question due to the fact that not only was the email announcing spirit week easy to miss, but very few students actively keep their cameras on.

 “Honestly, spirit week slipped my mind and I only looked it up to answer your inquiry, said Social Studies teacher Basilis Giannetos, via email.

I think the students know it’s spirit week, but I’d love to see more students show their spirit on camera,” said English Teacher Ryan Dooley, via email. “I enjoy the energy and joy it can bring to the classroom, particularly in a rough year like this one.” 

Teachers are not the only people who have things to say about spirit week as students are to participate as well.

 “I honestly had no clue it was spirit week, if it was an email it probably got buried under all the other emails I got recently,” said junior Jovana Lazarevic via text.

The problem for many seems to be just how many emails they are getting making it hard for them to have seen it was spirit week. 

“Lots of communication is happening right now so if you send an email at the end of the day or so it gets buried under next day’s assignments,” said Lazarevic.

This seems to be reinforced by what other students have experienced with spirit week. 

“I didn’t know until Monday, 7th period, because one student brought it up. I did not see the email. I don’t check my email usually,” said junior Edgar Lopez via text.

Despite this, some participation has been seen from students, but not so much the teachers.

“I’ve only seen some classmates participating, not any of my teachers,” said Lopez.

Spirit week was outlined in an email sent on December 13, which included the days it would happen on and the theme for each day.