Esports Club Grows With Students At Home


Haluk Tanriseven

Haluk Tanriseven’s gaming setup

Ethan Lopez, Reporter

While remote learning has led some Taft clubs to have difficulties, the esports club looks to be doing better than ever.

Overall, most things have not changed with the club, if anything, going remote makes our job a whole lot easier, it allows the members to game from a home setup, cutting out the rigid timeframe we had, and allowing our divisions to be more flexible of when they want to practice, scrimmage, and compete,” said John Li, president of the esports club, via Discord messenger.  “The only change is that we don’t have weekly meetings, we just get right into the matches and activities, which saves everyone a lot of time.”

Participation in the esports club has actually increased this year.

“We’ve had more people show up this year with encouragement from the remote learning environment and it allows us to be more flexible by almost tenfold; we no longer have a preset time to meet for everyone, and our officers propose time slots that the members can vote on,” said Li.
The club has also expanded its gaming offerings.

“If anything, we’ve expanded on a bigger scale, from just League of Legends and Overwatch to adding Super Smash Bros., VALORANT, Fortnite, and Rocket League,” said Li.

In the esports club, each game that competes is given a division, and each division is assigned an officer. Officers were interviewed to get their outlook on the situation this year as well.

“There’s no stress due to everything already being done online and all the players having computers at home,” said Haluk Tanriseven, Overwatch division officer, via Discord. 

Practices are another factor to take into account with the remote learning setting. 

“For the smash division there are no constant practices but we are planning on having a smash tournament on the 28th, scheduling is a little tough because not many interact within the discord but it’s understandable since everything is online and overwhelming,” said Gretta Komperda, Smash Bros division officer, via text.

The esports club doesn’t hold meetings instead leaving the organization of each division to the officer and posting important information to their discord when needed.