Ariana Grande Releases Sixth Studio Album


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Ariana Grande dropped her 6th studio album.

Vivian Aviles, Editor

Pop singer and songwriter Ariana Grande entered a new era by releasing her sixth studio album, Positions

Positions was not anticipated at all by fans, as Grande shocked them by suddenly breaking the news of the project via Twitter, writing “I can’t wait to give u my album this month,” on October 14. Grande then proceeded to release the lead single, Positions, on the 23, followed by all 14 tracks of the album on the 30. 

“When she (Grande) tweeted and announced the album, I got so excited because it’s been a while since she has released music. I was also shocked because she never drops music out of nowhere, so for her to say she is releasing an album, I was intrigued right away even though there was no pre-promotion,” said senior Robert Mayor. 

Throughout Positions, Grande showed growth as a musician. Though she is typically known for being a kind of trap-pop princess, Grande was able to experiment with other genres of music, such as R&B, through collaborations with artists like The Weeknd and Ty Dolla $ign on tracks Off the Table and Safety Net

“I was expecting this album to be consistent with her prior albums in the sense that she only writes and sings pop music. It was a nice surprise to hear her interacting with a new style and genre, and I think it really fits her well and works,” said senior Angela Anderson. 

Fans believe that Positions not only emphasized Grande’s range as an artist, but also signified the healing that Grande has experienced since dropping her last album, Thank U, Next, which was released after ex-boyfriend and rapper Mac Miller passed away and her engagement with actor and comedian Pete Davidson was called off. 

“Ariana has been through a lot in her career and personal life the past few years, and her recent album truly shows how happy and content she is now,” said Mayor. 

Grande revealed on her Instagram and Twitter accounts that the 14 tracks on Positions filled the first 14 spots on the United States Top 50 charts, the Top 100 Global charts, and the Top 100 USA charts. Positions is also Grande’s fifth album to be number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, and has pushed her to the top of Spotify’s monthly listeners list with a total of 64.38 million listeners. Tracks Positions and POV are currently growing in popularity on the video platform TikTok as well. 

Grande’s sixth album Positions can be streamed on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, and music videos for tracks Positions and 34+35 can be found on Grande’s official YouTube page.