Club Life Goes Online

Liam Wharton, Reporter

With a worldwide pandemic, schools are transitioning to a new normal. The same can be said for Taft’s extracurricular clubs. 

Alyssa Niese, social sciences teacher and sponsor of Taft’s Hope For The Homeless and Student Voice Committee spoke on the challenges of an all-digital club.

“My biggest challenge thus far has simply been the clarity of bringing new students into clubs. Otherwise, I find that my club leadership and teams are really rejoicing at having these smaller forums to engage with each other on issues they care about. Because of quarantine restrictions, it is tough for my Hope for the Homeless club to find ways in which they, as students, can have a more direct impact on the needs of those experiencing homeless[ness],” said Niese via email. 

Other clubs are facing different problems. Social sciences teacher and sponsor of Taft’s Irish Club, Richard Moore, said orchestrating a Google meet is difficult due to members’ conflicting schedules. 

Meeting online is challenging but not impossible as some clubs have found workarounds.

“They are working well, digital meets are going well for the most part,” said Niese.  “SVC has definitely focused on providing voice to student needs in remote learning and Hope for the Homeless is really looking to emphasize digital ways to support the Lincoln Park community shelter.”

The Filipino club, staples at Taft’s annual International Night and Asian-American Night, are still finding ways to meet, but struggling with finding ways to rehearse their performances.

“Our club has been handling the situation well,” said Filipino Club co-president Robert Mayor.  “We’ve been having virtual meetings, so technological issues are definitely an obstacle of ours. Also, just the aspect of not being able to perform, it gives my fellow officers and I the struggle of coming up with alternative activities for our club members to be engaged in. Since usually our biggest objective in every year of Filipino Club is to practice for International Night/Asian-American night, now with that being cancelled, it significantly limits what we can do as a club this year.” 

A full list of clubs at Taft can be found here.