Taft Students Create Discord Server, Find Community


Taft students are engaging with each other on a Discord server created by Taft students.

Sara Thiede, Reporter

The Taft discord server is growing in popularity amidst remote learning as students are looking to connect with their peers. 

Discord is a community-driven platform that lets you interact with users through voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging. While the application was originally meant for gamers, anyone can use discord to connect with the people around them.  

With the quarantine sheltering everyone inside their homes, millions of people have started using discord to interact with others both publicly and privately. The program allows anybody to create private communities, called servers, where invited users can interact. Taft junior, Ronald Hemesath, created a server meant to bring Taft Students and friends together. 

“I created the Taft Hangout server, coincidently last year right before the pandemic, as a way to connect with my friends from Taft who also use the Discord platform. Everyone from Taft, including community friends, would be able to join. I aimed to allow students to socialize virtually, in a controlled and safe environment, where their skills could even be improved by communicating online. Through my Taft community discord, I established a server that helps students acquire and obtain socialization skills on the internet.” said Hemesath

Taft Hangout not only brings friends together, but it also helps create new friendships within the Taft community. A handful of these users have already made connections with other students on the server. Victoria Gasienica, a “Board of Education” user, spends most of her free time interacting with other server members. 

I met my friend group and my best friends on Taft Hangout. If this server didn’t exist I wouldn’t have met all of these amazing people,” said Gasienica. 

While some users in the Taft Hangout server believe that the server hasn’t entirely brought the Taft community together, they still see the server’s potential. 

“I don’t think that the entire community on the server could represent the Taft community as a whole, but I do believe that we can make that happen if we do receive more students from Taft to join the server,” says junior, Longan Le.

The server is doing just that. With a rising total of around 235 members, the popularity of the Taft Hangout server is growing.