Seniors Moving Through App Season

Seniors Navigate College Application Process With Virtual Supports From Counselors


It’s Application Season!

Ethan Lopez, Reporter

It’s college application season and counselors are working to guide seniors through this stressful time with frequent communication and digital supports. 

Information about upcoming information sessions and presentations related to the college application process, is emailed weekly to students and family–all in an attempt to support students through the application process. 

When we are in school, it is easier because a student can pull up their application right on the computer and we can help them immediately,” said head of counseling, James Nicklas via email. 

“There have been students who have applied already. The biggest challenge is to communicate with everyone to make sure all documentation has been sent,” said Nicklas. 

“I’ve started filling out and researching scholarships and such but I’m still trying to figure out all my options.” said senior Shane King via text.

King says he’s beginning to feel overwhelmed by the process. 

“It’s difficult because of how overwhelming it all is. It really spikes the anxiety and gets you afraid you’ll mess up.” said King via text.

Many schools use The Common Application in their admissions process, but some schools have their own application to fill out, leaving students with multiple and variable applications to complete.

“The college application process is different for each school because some of them use the Common App, which I find quite confusing, and some use their own application, which I found to be easier due to the straightforwardness of it,” said Senior Claire Fritzmann.

Fritzmann has already applied to several colleges and has been very mostly self-reliant, but has still needed her counselor’s assistance through the process.  

“I did all of the applications by myself, but I had to contact my counselor many times about transcripts and official documents. I mainly completed my applications by myself.  The most confusing part about applying to college is Naviance, which is the main reason I contacted my counselor.”

Seniors with questions about the college application process should reach out to their counselors with questions and concerns.