Gorgas, Gallagher Win Staff Member Of The Month Awards For October

Ava Koldan, Reporter

Maribel Gorgas and Melissa Gallagher have been chosen as October’s Taft Staff Members of the Month.

Gorgas is a clerk and has been working at Taft for two years, as well as in CPS for 26. She was chosen for registering over 1,200 students these past few months.

“It was nice to be recognized (as staff member of the month) but it’s not about that. I am doing my job and making sure we continue to strive and be a school of excellence. Working as a clerk gives me the opportunity to connect with students and their families.  I’ve encountered many situations where parents and students feel comfortable talking with me because they might be afraid of what can happen if they talk with someone else but me sharing my own experience as a mother and as a clerk  gives them that extra comfort in knowing they are not  alone,” said Gorgas via email.

Gallagher has been a counselor at Taft for eight years and was chosen because of her great involvement in helping students with the POSSE scholarship and FAFSA applications. 

“It was exciting to win. It’s always nice to hear you’re doing a good job!” said Gallagher via email.

Gallagher is still trying to connect with students through the challenges of remote learning by creating an environment where they feel valued.

“I usually send a note to my students to see me, or, students drop by during their lunch periods, but now it is much harder. Students still reach out daily, but everyone is receiving so many emails that communication can get lost.”

Gorgas and Gallagher were recognized for their helpfulness to students through this pandemic.