Zucchero, Nadig, Farrell Win Teacher Of The Month Award For October


Zucchero, Nadig and Farrell win October’s Teacher of the Month awards.

Mia Naples, Reporter

Lauren Zucchero, Richard Farrell, and Amanda Nadig were chosen as Taft’s teachers of the month for October.

Zucchero has been a teacher in Taft for 8 years, she is involved in the International Baccalaureate Career Programme (IBCP) and teaches IB Business Management. Zucchero also assists in the Work Study Program, one of the last remaining Work Study Programs in Chicago Public Schools. She helps the program continue to expand and grow every year with new and improved opportunities. 

“I feel so honored to attain Teacher of the Month! But I was able to be teacher of the month due to all of the fantastic colleagues I get to work with.” said Zucherro via email.

This year is Farrell’s first as a diverse learners teacher at Taft. He has been teaching for nine years within the district prior coming to Taft. He taught English/Language Arts at three different southside schools, both at the elementary and high school levels. He is a diverse learner teacher and a co-teacher in English III classes along with Mr. Tuggle and Mr. Moon, and he also teaches Financial Literacy classes with Mr. Klodzinski. 

“I feel incredibly honored to be recognized, but even more-so, I feel incredibly grateful to get to work alongside some really phenomenal co-teachers (Shout-out to Mr. Tuggle, Mr. Moon, and Mr. Klodzinski!) and get to teach groups of really thoughtful students. I think something like Teacher of the Month really highlights the wonderful people and teams that I get to work with beyond me. From Mr. G. and Ms. Hess to my department chair Ms. Gore and case managers Ms. Rusic and Mr. Farlow to my co-teachers and students I feel fortunate to be surrounded by really great educators and young people.” said Farrell via email. 

Amanda Nadig is the department chair within the Visual Arts Department in Taft. She has been teaching at Taft for five years within the Visual Arts Department along with 10 other art instructors. She is teaching Honors Ceramics and IB Visual Arts. 

“I have always wanted to be teacher of the month! It feels good to be recognized and how cool is it to see your name next to ‘Teacher of the Month!?’ I feel important and it reminds me to find ways to show my own students that they are important too.” Said Nadig via email.