PSAT’s come at last


Students can become nervous over the unexpected scheduling of the PSAT. Artist Diane Gonzalez

Luae Samrah, Reporter

After two scheduled PSAT dates were canceled in Oct. due to the Chicago Teachers Union strike, students took part of a full Practice SAT (PSAT) on Jan. 8.

Juniors and sophomores took the PSAT from 7:45 a.m-12:00 pm. During this time, Seniors had a College Blitz Day, in which seniors received additional support with college applications, scholarship submissions, Academic Works, Naviance tasks, and other college-related programming. After the PSAT ended, and students had to attend 25-minute classes from periods 3-8 to complete a full day of attendance.

Sophomore Joseph Flynn (Div. 234) said, “I felt more comfortable taking the PSAT in Jan then trying to take in Oct since I wasn’t used to my schedule yet in 2019. I kind of felt happy taking the PSAT on Jan since most of the questions were difficult to learn and understand so when I took the PSAT, I got patience out of it.”

On the other hand, Sophomore Sarah Roshi (Div. 218) said, “Honestly [the school] pushing the SAT’s back felt a little odd because, to me, I really didn’t feel any better about taking it. I wasn’t any more prepared because all the teacher’s lessons were delayed.”

Despite the delay, the PSAT still provided the benefits of more practice to sophomores and juniors.

Junior Logan Gonzalez (Div. 132) said,” I do think it was a good idea for them to have rescheduled the test. It is preparing the juniors for the actual SAT’s that they will take in April and also good for the sophomores and freshman to gain experience and practice for their SAT’s.”

Overall, the testing day had gone rather smoothly for all grades in spite of the rescheduling. The freshman took their PSAT on Nov. 15 at the TFA. All students will receive results from Academic Approach on Feb. 10 for further practice in their classes.