A little pop of art


Multiple anonymous painting artworks, along with several other types of art are presented at the pop up art show. Photographer Yasmine Soria.

Melody Resto, Reporter

The Taft varsity campus held its first Artwork pop up, which included work from students from all art classes, on Jan. 17.

Coordinated by Amanda Nadig, the pop up consisted of a display of various kinds of artwork, from mixed media and pottery to sculptures, drawings, and paintings. The aim of the pop-up shop was to focus it around the underclassmen artwork.

Many students, teachers, and staff attended the event to acknowledge the work being done in these classrooms. Faculty like AP Daniel Kuzma, Irene Kondos, and Quintin Nadig were only a few of the many teachers and staff who came to show the art department some support.

Art teachers chose the works of art that were displayed. They picked the ones they thought were the strongest to be displayed from each of the different categories. Five pieces will be picked to be evaluated, to then have a finalized winner.   

This time around the winners chosen at the event won’t only be recognized on Taft’s art social media outlets but will be recognized in a more adequate way. These works of art are to be entered in exhibitions/contests that run for specific prizes, and this time it will be a money prize.

“The purpose for this pop up was to have everyone be involved – students, teachers, and staff – come and witness what is being made in the art rooms right now, and also to let people know we are entering in these exhibitions, bringing awareness to the cause,” said Nadig.

The winners will be announced the week of Jan. 27. Thrilled with the outcome of the event, Amanda Nadig says she has hope for the pop up to happen again.

“There is such a diverse body of art, that it truly deserves to be acknowledged by everyone,” concluded Nadig.

Five artworks in five categories will be selected and displayed at the Illinois High School General Art Exhibition. The art department also has a Freshmen Campus art exhibition at Pekolator Cafe (6032 W Irving Park Rd) Jan. 21- Feb. 23.