Breakfast lunch and now serving dinner


The lunch ladies scan dinners out to students at dinner service. Photographer Yasmine Soria.

Isabel Commachio, Reporter

Jan. 13 marked the start of the After-school Meal Service, which makes sure students who participate in after-school activities have a bite to eat.

Lunchroom manager Patricia Baird urged the importance of keeping these services open after school, even if it meant longer work hours.

“I start at 5:30 in the morning and am usually here from 5-6 pm at night. The meal doesn’t specifically affect me personally, it’s a long tiring day but I love it. It puts me in a positive manner because I know that students are coming to get something to eat and it makes me feel good that I know I am able to help them, said Baird.

Aiding the students hunger improves energy levels for the activities performed after school. Especially for students who have early school lunches.

“Eating before practice is really helpful considering I have 4th-period lunch. 10:30 am to 3:00 pm is a big stretch. If the services weren’t available I would be more focused on my stomach instead of basketball practice,” said Junior Lanesa Williams, Div 129.

With trial and error, a few changes have been made, acknowledging difficult schedules of after school activities.

“It was until 3:45 and it’s only been in service for a few days but I noticed that some students are coming after  3:45 in groups so I’m thinking that their practices aren’t over yet, so its until 4:00,” said Baird.

“I go directly after school. Being able to have some free time and a snack really helps. The after school meals they serve are also good because of it different than lunchtime, they have a lot of options to choose from. It’s usually choices of fruit and vegetables and some more hardy, but something light before a lot of exercising is really important so I’m glad they have these choices, ” said Williams.

As of Jan 17 after school options for this day vary, *Hamburger, Crinkle Cut Fries,Seasonal Fruit, Choice of Milk —1% Milk, Skim Milk, Chocolate Skim Milk or PBJ Sandwich.*

With the help of the after school meal service, kids can go to practice or their activities not acting on an empty stomach. Patricia Baird and staff continue to make a difference.