Parking (lot of) problems


The parking lot sits empty as the sun rises at 7:00 a.m. Photographer Katarina Ilic.

Katarina Ilic, Reporter

Taft’s Bryn Mawr parking lot has been closed since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year and will remain closed until further notice.

In previous years, Taft has offered parking spots to students on the Bryn Mawr lot in which students had to pay for a parking permit. This year, the lot has been closed to both students and staff and left many wondering why.

Many of Taft’s juniors and seniors drive to school but struggle to find parking out on the streets. If you hope to find a parking spot close to the school you have to get to school by at least 7:15 a.m. Otherwise, you’ll be cruising the streets looking for a spot and will end up walking several blocks and in this cold weather and that’s not ideal.

Senior Sierra McClellan (Div. 026) said, “I have to walk several blocks from where I parked. I also have to leave my house fairly early to make sure I get a parking spot. If I don’t, then I have to drive around and try to find one on another street which is really annoying.”

Every day is a struggle to find parking and on most days this leads to tardiness. Students are expected to arrive at class on time, but if they struggle to find parking it is impossible. Regardless of what time you leave their homes and arrive at school, many spots are taken.

When asked if she thinks students should have an available lot for them to park in McClellan said, “I wish they still offered to park to us because I would park there, even if I had to pay for a spot. It would be so much more convenient and a lot less of a hassle in the morning.”

     Assistant Principal Patrick Levins said that no matter what opinions arise in the parking lots, there were valid reasons as to why it was closed. One of which was the parking lot was simply not safe. It is well known that the lot has several craters and potholes, making it a safety hazard to be driving. Staff members have been working on getting this problem fixed; no progress has yet been made. Levins was quick to inform us that another reason the lot on Bryn Mawr had been closed this year was that both students and faculty failed to adhere to the rules.

The parking lot of Bryn Mawr is also known as the driver’s ed lot. After-school, driver ed classes take place in the parking lot and in order for these classes to begin the lot needed to be cleared by 3:15 Mon-Friday, but this was difficult to enforce.

Levins said, “We would always say ‘you can park in this lot if you have a permit, but you have to be gone by 3:15.’ We had this constant problem on the P.A ‘Please move your car, we need to start class!”

People ignored the rules of the lot and it was hindering drivers ed students from getting their education and permits. This was a major reason that the lot was closed.   

As of right now, the parking lot will continue to be closed. Those who still manage to park in the lot will first have a sticker placed on their cars and if they don’t move their cars or continuously park their car in the lot, they will be ticketed and towed. As unfortunate as this may be, rules are rules and they must be obeyed.