Welcome to the Winter Showcase


Orchesis takes a bow and walks the stage to close off the night. Photographer Melody Resto.

Melody Resto, Reporter

Dance clubs took the stage for the Winter Showcase on December 18 after school. Hosted by the Orchesis dance club, this event was free for all family and friends. Performance coordinator and computer science teacher Alexandra Jados sponsored the event.

“The 2nd Annual Winter Showcase was even more spectacular than last year. There was more time to plan and organize so the execution ran much smoother. The event was really successful because of the number of dance groups that participated in it,” said Jados.

This year’s lineup consisted of Orchesis doing three dances, a holiday Hip Hop inspired piece, a lyrical piece, and one to “Nonstop”. V!V!D then performed the choreography created by Matt Steffanina called “Kill this love”. The Mexican dance club did “Son de la Negra” mash-up alongside Latin dance club who presented “Los Que Queman Cuhh.”

UnLocked perform to imposing acts, “Hurting” being a two-act piece and “Healing” as joined performance. Sophomore Emily Dylan then presented her solo piece called “BombB” and finally Elicit motion dance to “December”.

Overall participate demonstrated their skills and talents as a kickoff to the holiday break. “The Winter showcase was a lot of fun. I think it’s great to see the work and effort that students put into their dances, and it’s always nice to have a representation of different cultures showcased at Taft,” said Alex Miranda (Div.024), who performed with the Mexican club.

“My favorite part was seeing it all come together and watching the talented dancers come alive on stage. I’m proud to say this will be an annual tradition. The students really appreciate the chance to perform and it is a great way to get their peers to come out and support as well. My hope is that every year the performance will grow so every dance club/team at Taft participates,” said Jados.

This winter event gave clubs a chance to show their peers teachers friends and family what they work so hard for after school, as well as to celebrate a little bit of the holiday season with their second family at school.