Freshmen Eagles take on picture day


Eighth grader Arthur Zakrzewski smiles big for the camera for his 2020 graduation picture on September 30. Photographer Ella Ridge.

Ella Ridge, Reporter

On Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, Freshman Academy students lined up outside of the Media Center, prepped and ready to experience the anxiously awaited Picture Day.

Throughout both school days, Monday and Tuesday, students were pulled out of their English classes to take their headshots for the 2019-2020 Taft Yearbook. Stuart-Rodgers Photography employees were equipped and organized, and began pending the students arrival.

Assistant Principal Ryan Glowacz and Journalism Adviser Anny Martinez helped ensure things were in order.

“The process was very smooth, with 4 to 2 classes being called down per period,” said Glowacz.

With the variation in the number of classes present during each period, Angie Buhr, Chief Operating Officer at Stuart-Rodgers and Head Programmer of picture day, was grateful for the helping hands on deck. “The school always provides student helpers which is so appreciated. The student helpers are great at keeping the students moving along quickly,” said Buhr.

Students were also very appreciative of how organized, orderly, and uncomplicated the picture day process was. Freshman Katherine Malik (Div. 307) said, “It was very much like a regular school day. My class and I easily got into line with no complications and the pictures went by really fast.”

Picture day was also an important day for the 8th graders at the freshman academy.  They dress up for both formal dress and graduation gown pictures.

From the academic center graduating class of 2020, Raquelle Ortiz (Div. 410), explains her experience at picture day.

“The process was very quick, but getting my class and I in our gowns was a bit slow because the first row of students went and then the gowns went to the next person in line which took awhile,” said Ortiz.

All in all, picture day at the Freshman Academy was a success for all ends involved in the entire process. 7th, 8th, and freshman students will all be looking fabulous in the 2019-2020 Taft Yearbook, thanks to the help of the Stuart-Rodgers Photography staff, teachers, and journalism students