Eagles against Niles West


Senior Matt Lesch makes a free throw shot during the second quarter of the game against Niles West. Photographer Andres Hernandez.

Ella Ridge, Reporter

On Dec. 7, the boys varsity basketball team played against Niles West at the Taft varsity campus at 6:30 p.m. defeating the Wolves 61-60.

The Eagles practiced all week and worked on discipline and the execution of their plays to prepare for the upcoming game

“Before the game, we practiced being disciplined at all times. We’ve been working toward executing our plays efficiently and taking more charges,” said junior Max Torres, Div. 135.

The two teams were head to head throughout the entire game. Fans were on the edge of their seats waiting to see what would happen next.

“Everyone in the gym knew the stakes were high and the boys had a lot on the line. But, they perform extremely well under pressure which worked to their advantage,” said junior Gabi Davila, (Div. 120) who watched from the stands.

With 11 seconds to go in the fourth quarter, senior Matthew Lesch, (Div. 031) hit an incredible 3-pointer, putting the Eagles 1 point ahead of the Wolves.

“We were down the whole game and we went on a run in the last four minutes and came back with a couple seconds left. We won the game against a good team and put our best effort forward,” said Lesch.

Junior Michael Spinelli (Div. A125) gives us the names of the star players during the game.

“Matt, Chino, and Jared all had very clutch moments and all had a lot of points. They really helped the team take the win,” said Spinelli.

With only a few home games left, be sure to go out and support our Eagles as they continue on their winning streak, as the next game being Feb. 4!