Taft stands out at Blue Out game


Taft Student body fills the stands at Blue Out Basketball game against Shurz High School. Photographer Anny Martinez

Adeline Davern, Reporter

Taft’s student section during home games is known for hyping up the players as much as possible, with the boys’ varsity basketball game against Schurz on Jan. 10, it was no exception.

Senior Dexter Stigall (DIV. A020), one of the power forwards of the team is very proud of his team for giving it their all during Friday, Jan. 10 game against Schurz. Unfortunately Taft didn’t win this one but according to players, the loss is helping to push them towards working harder in future games and practices. The final score was 59-55, Schurz with the win. A home court loss is never fun but our Varsity players know exactly how to turn it around into a good thing.

“Although we lost, my team played very well as a whole and I would love it if we could come out with the same energy we had in the second half of this game in our next game” said Stigall.

Every home game has a fun theme for the student section to participate in. Friday’s theme was blue out, meaning everyone showed up wearing as much blue as possible. The student section is very important to the team, all of the hype coming from the stands motivates the players to keep on going. Even with a loss, the student section is always there to support the players and put smiles on their faces.

“During the home games the student section comes together as one and we cheer on our team by having fun, making sure everyone in the building can hear us and know that we are proud to be a Taft Eagle” said Rafael Green (DIV 033).

The student section has developed a true bond with the players and their dedication to being a Taft eagle.

“My favorite part about the home games is when everyone in the student section comes together as a whole and starts having as much fun as possible. It’s like having a brotherhood or sisterhood with people you go to school with. It’s the best feeling ever” said Green.

The student section is very important to the players as well, having your classmates cheer you on as loud as possible motivates the players to play as hard as they can. The themes of the games give the student section a fun spin. Players enjoy seeing the creative and fun ideas the student section comes up with to show Eagle Pride.

“My favorite part of the games is always the student section, seeing all the blue on Friday’s game motivated us to play our best,” said Stigall.

There’s been many themes for home games so far this year including multiple different colors but many students are looking forward to a beach themed home game.

‘I’m really looking forward to the beach theme game, I really miss summer but not only that, I feel like nothing can stop us from being young, wild and crazy, dressing with summer clothes in 20 degree weather is a Chicago thing, we are built for this. Go Eagles!” said Green.

Many are looking forward to the next home game at Taft and giving our players as much motivation as possible.