Should the rich help in times of natural disasters?

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In 2003, actor and social influencer Angelina Jolie received the first ever Citizen of the World Award from the United Nations Correspondents Association for her contributions to helping refugees. Source

Xzavier Aguilar, Reporter

The rich are often looked upon in different ways. Some are selfless people who give back while other are greedy and only care for themselves.

Natural disasters always have relief foundation America’s Disaster Relief foundation, American Red Cross, International Relief, Medical teams international are a couple of organizations that give back to the world when it’s in a crisis.

Donations are made by anyone, but what people often question is should the rich be held responsible for natural disasters ? With so much money, they should be held to a certain standard. If a celebrity makes millions of dollars each year, why not give some of it back to those in need?

Senior Miguel Montano (Div.022)Believes that celebrities do give back, but feels celebrities shouldn’t receive the backlash but society to.

“ Elon Musk ( a billionaire ) donated one million dollars to grow a tree foundation and they were able to plant one million tree. However, It’s everyone’s responsibility to help our planet safety, It’s not just the rich that pollution to the, it’s everyone,” said Montano.

Should celebrities make more of an effort to give back to natural disasters?

“I think everyone should make more of an effort to save this planet, making it more the rich’s responsibility is wrong” said Montano

Giving back could lead to a backlash, which was not donating “enough” such as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who donated $690,000 which people thought wasn’t enough.

The internet was quick to criticize the size of Amazon’s donation, noting that it represented just a tiny fraction of Amazon’s $936 billion market cap. By contrast, Facebook said it will donate $1.25 million, and celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Metallica both pledged larger donations than Amazon.

Celebrities shouldn’t be given a lot of attention for donations on natural disasters. Yes, they could push an effort to give more money, but we shouldn’t hold them responsible for not donating enough money. There are some celebrities who don’t even care and don’t give a dime back

If you’re a celebrity, you should be held responsible to a certain extent. Why be greedy when there are people who were struck by hurricanes, wildfire, etc who are in need. If you have the money, donate as much as you can.

At the same time, however, people who have an average job and make a suitable living should also be held responsible. If you truly feel bad about the natural disasters and have the money, then donate. Tweeting and making a post isn’t making the situation any better.

Celebrities maybe given bad publicity for their actions, but one action that should be accounted for is their involvement in natural disasters. With the Australian wildfires, there’s been celebrities who’ve given back for those in need, but for those celebrities who don’t give back and help out with these cause should be held responsible.