Harry Styles: Fine Line


Singer Harry Styles released his new album Fine Line on December 13. Styles is posing for his Fine Line album cover photo shoot. Source https://twitter.com/thehsupdate/

Vivian Aviles, reporter

On Dec. 13, former One Direction member Harry Styles further advanced his solo career by releasing his sophomore album, Fine Line.

This much anticipated album is a reflection of growth and independence that Styles has experienced over the last few years, and putting it together gave him a sense of happiness and freedom that wasn’t present before.*

“In this album it seemed like he really went out of his comfort zone and his true personality was able to shine,” said Mora Corte, Div. 127.

Prior to delivering fans with the full album, Styles put out three singles; Lights Up, Watermelon Sugar, and Adore You. The songs were mostly upbeat, differing from his last album called Harry Styles.

When the rest of the pop-rock soundtrack was released, many were a bit surprised to find that the majority of the songs were slow or sad. While the outcome of the album was unexpected, the mixture of genres was consistent with the other music Styles has put out since going solo.

“The genre of music he makes is amazing, he has a little bit of everything on the album. This album made me believe that he doesn’t belong in this era, his sound is so modern yet so old at the same time,” said junior Olivia Gonzalez, Div. 120.

On release day, Fine Line was the number one trend on Twitter** and ended up pulling through at number 23 on the Rolling Stone’s list of the 50 best albums in 2019 with a rating of four stars.***

“I’d give Fine Line five stars. Not only were all the songs very good, but you can tell that this was his way of coming out of his shell which created something real and different,” said Angela Anderson, Div. 137.

It’s clear that Styles has done some self-discovery, and through that he made something for the world to enjoy. Fine Line has allowed fans to see him in his most authentic state yet, and the unique sound and style found on the album has made a mark on the music industry.


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