Meet the new lunchroom manager


Baird and her staff work hard to serve and feed the kids of Taft. Not pictured: Jose Santana. Photo by Yasmine Soria.

Anthony Lagunas, Reporter

Right before the New Year came, Taft hired a new lunchroom manager Patricia Baird, who officially started Nov. 25 and planned and executed the Thanksgiving feast featured in the last issue of Taft Today. That event was just one of Baird’s visions for the future of Taft. She proposed a meal service after school, which started on Jan. 13, to provide free meals for any kids who stay after school.

Baird said,” You guys got to be pretty hungry, especially those that are eating at 9:30 in the morning and staying until 4:00 or 5:00 pm. You you know I’ve seen some kids stay until 7:00 at night so we’ll still offer a free meal which should help take the edge off.”

As lunchroom manager, Baird a big responsibility. Baird said, “There’s a lot that people don’t realize. I answer three government forms every single day. I have to account for every fork, knife, spoon, napkin and milk, all that. There’s a strict budget I have to calculate and follow every day. People don’t realize that; they just think we’re lunch ladies. There is also a threshold of how many meals we’re supposed to serve each day. If those meals a day drop, so do the employees and their hours.”

Baird addressed some problems that students can fix, such as trash in the cafeteria.

“We have to stop what we’re doing every single day in between each lunch period, hustle out there, get all the tables cleaned and seriously you guys are young adults and some of you don’t bother to clean up,” Baird commented.

Baird hopes of creating a sense of understanding from the students to the cafeteria staff in order to lend a hand with the duties that they have to perform quickly in between periods so students can eat and enjoy the limited amount of time they have in the cafeteria.

In the short amount of time she has been here, Baird has already been recognized by the school.

“What I want to share is her passion for food preparation and trying to improve the meals within the scope of her power because she has so many walls to climb. I think we’re very fortunate that she’s off to such a great start,” said Assistant Principal Patrick Levins.

Since this is a new year for Baird and the rest of the cafeteria, we should be respectful and make sure we act appropriately within the cafeteria. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the lunchroom food, please contact Baird via email at [email protected]