A safe haven for all Eagles


The members of LGBTQ club work to make Taft a safe area to express themselves. Photographer Ella Ridge.

Ella Ridge, Reporter

High school can be a great place to find yourself and grow, but at times, the environment can be challenging. At the newly begun LGBTQ Club at the Freshman Academy, a safe haven has been built for it’s community members.

The club, sponsored by Diana Powitz and Jeffrey Lucco, started scheduling meetings in the beginning of Oct. this year. 8th grader and Co-president Andy Sullivan (Div. 412) gave us the run down of everything we need to know about the club. There are a total of 12 members currently enrolled in the club. Sullivan urges for more members to join and for the varsity campus to build their own club.

“We meet the first and last Tuesday of every month, except when we are working towards a presentation or making flyers, in which case we are meeting every Tuesday of that month until we reach our goal. We encourage the varsity students to start their own club. Because they are upperclassmen, their voices could go a much longer way than ours can,” said Sullivan.

Each member has their own story as to what motivated them to join this club. President of the LGBTQ Club, 8th grader Monica Ivsin (Div. 410), shares her story.

“A lot of people here want a place to belong and it’s very pleasing to have such a great support system to call home. This is my family,” said Ivsin.

Freshman Ariel Cuatchon explains the main goal of the club.

“We are constantly brainstorming ideas on how we can create a more positive environment at the brand new building. Our goal is to try to come up with ideas on how to change things for the better,” said Cuatchon.

Though it’s unfortunate that people must come face to face with challenges because of who they are, it’s comforting to know that there is a community to lean on and offer support for those who need a safe space.