Letters of success


Medina is excited that to have a letter from a governor. Photographer Yasmine Soria.

Katarina Ilic, Reporter

Senior Michael Medina (Div. 023) received a letter from the former Governor of Illinois Patrick Joseph Quinn Jr (Pat Quinn), acknowledging Medina’s hard work and leadership skills.

The letter from Quinn specifically addresses the club that Medina started last year, called The Junior State of America Chapter, which Quinn was invited to speak at.

Quinn writes that he was “impressed by his leadership skills and organizing ability in interacting with his fellow students to discuss important public policy issues in Illinois and America”.

Medina has shown his better qualities through this organization but none of this would have been possible if he hadn’t come into contact with Quinn beforehand. Medina has done landscaping work at Quinn’s home over the summer, along with other jobs at his estates. During the hours of working these jobs, Medina has repeatedly come into contact with Quinn, impressing him with his several different skills each time.

Although Medina has spoken to Quinn several times in the past, and when Quinn attended one of the meetings for The Junior State of America Chapter, he told Medina he would gladly write him a letter. Medina was still extremely excited when he received the letter in the mail.

Any letter from a person who holds authority and respect is appreciated and Medina said, “I was very excited at the fact that I had a letter from a governor. Granted he is not the current governor, but one no less.”

Medina plans to keep the letter in his records and use it in his search for colleges. He knows that such a letter could help him stand out to colleges and universities. However, Medina knows that this letter is a part of his applications and not the majority of it.

Medina states, “I believe that I have worked very hard throughout high school, and I see this letter as expanding on my accomplishments instead of overpowering them.”

Medina knows himself that he has strong characteristics that make him stand out academically. This letter is only one of the accomplishments he has achieved and will continue to achieve.