Into the roaring twenties of 2020

Hopes are high that 2020 will be the banner year compared to 2019. Image by

Katarina Ilic, Reporter

This decade was truly one for the books, and without further ado, let’s reminisce over the past ten years.

This decade has brought us some very historical events. Scandals were erupting all throughout the decade, involving a wide range of movie stars and politicians. We have lost some icons, social media apps like Snapchat were created and major movements.

We started off the decade with the longest solar eclipse of the third millennium, in 2010, as if that wasn’t a sign this decade would be a historic one. In 2010 as well, the first IPad was invented, later following IPhones 4-11, which lead to advances in technology allowing us access to an unlimited amount of information held in the palm of our hands.

In 2011 the first ever viral trend was introduced- planking. Everyone was laying face down, in the craziest places and posting pictures of themselves. This lead to several other trends, that brought people together. The Japan challenge was another viral trend that focused on dance, allowing people to show off their dance skills and boost creativity while striving to make an iconic choreography.

The  following year everything seemed to be going swell, until, on December 21st, we thought the world was ending. It obviously didn’t, but everyone was going mad. Scientists studied day in and day out to prove that the world was in-fact not going to end, and research shows that there is no threat to Earth for quite a while. We all went along with our lives, carrying quite a bit of scientific information with us, and a load of relief. In 2015, a major historical event took place. Same sex marriage was legalized.

Junior Diana Quezada (Div. 121) is in favor of same sex marriage and said, “I think same sex marriage is a good thing. It lets couples feel accepted into society. It also helps bring acceptance for people who are anti-LGBTQ”.

Many people were discriminated against for being attracted to the same gender and were held back from marrying the person they love because it wasn’t considered normal. Now, you can marry whoever you want, because love is love, and this is one of the bigger accomplishments of this decade.

In 2016, President Trump was elected to office and opinions were being voiced throughout the country. Scandals and rumors spread like wildfire and people doubted his ability to govern. People have different opinions on President Trump but one thing that can be agreed on is that the way he makes statements is easily misunderstood.

Junior Vlada Bulatovic (Div. 117) sees both the good and the bad side of Trump’s presidency. Bulatovic said, “Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone can agree that his communication skills need to be worked on”.

President Trump is now facing impeachment and once again, there are mixed emotions about that. This was only a few of the many things that took place in this decade. There were many ups and downs, but we were kept entertained every day. We now take with us these experiences and lessons into the new year, and the beginning of a new decade. Let’s see what the “roaring twenties” of 2020 will bring us!