What to see in Chicago this winter


The lights at Lincoln Zoo Light’s shine brightly at night (left) while Navy Pier’s festivities are holly and jolly this winter. Image by https://panoramanow.com/navy-piers-winter-wonderfest-is-family-fun/ https://chicago.curbed.com/2017/12/6/16742514/zoolights-holiday-magic-winter-festival-christmas-lights

Adeline Davern, Reporter

Looking for something fun  to do around Chicago this winter with your friends and family? From ice skating to shopping there are plenty of fun activities to do this winter here in Chicago.

One of the most popular activities to do is ice skating at Millennium Park. On average, about 100,000 skaters from are over the world head over to Millennium to hop on the ice every year. Showing up with your own skate can get you in for free, but the only issue you might run into is the line waiting to get into the rink due to the number of visitors.

Don’t know how to skate or have younger children or siblings? There are still plenty of activities in Chicago during this winter break such as Lincoln Park’s annual Zoo Lights display. Lincoln Park Zoo sets up an amazing Christmas light set up every year including a mix of both animal and Christmas themed displays.  Offering free

admission as well, these the light’s display is the perfect way to spend the night as a family or even with a group of friends.

If the cold is too much to bear, the annual Winter Wonderfest held at the Navy Pier is an event to check out with friends and family. Starting on Dec. 6 and ending on Jan.12 of 2020, Navy Pier fills it 170,000-acre space with indoor activities such as carnival rides, indoor ice skating, enormous slides, and holiday decorating activities for people of all ages.

Junior Valandi Kotsias (VVX) (Div. 170) spends the holiday break there with their family.

“Every year my family goes to the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier, my favorite winter family tradition,” said Kotsias (VVX).

With the 112th year annual Christmas lighting at Macy’s on State St., the 45-foot tree is lit from Nov. 1 until Jan. 5. On top of the 45-foot Christmas tree in the middle of the store, there are plenty of windows to walk past and view down State Street that all go along with the “Believe in Wonder” theme.

“Walking down State Street and looking at all of the Macy’s decorated windows with my family is my favorite thing to do during the holiday season” said math teacher Justin Yesensky.        

With plenty of fun things to do this winter both indoors and outdoors in Chicago, it’s recommended to check out these holiday-spirited events.