Instagram removing likes becomes a major dislike

Will the like button fade away or is it here to stay? Image by

Melody Resto, Reporter

Instagram’s new feature is meant to boost creativity in its users, but it might actually be what lowers activity for the app.

Instagram is a very popular social media app that is used by many different people. When the app was first created, it was meant to be a platform where people could post pictures and videos of what they’re passionate about. It was an app to show your creative and artistic side, but it quickly turned into a competition of who gets the most likes and comments on their posts, significantly lowering people’s confidence and setting the bar for beauty and social acceptance ridiculously high.

The creators of instagram came to notice that people were focusing too much on how many likes they were getting in comparison to other users instead of on what they were posting. So, they decided to test out a new feature that hides the amount of likes and profiles that liked a picture on other users posts; However, you will still be able to see how many likes you got on a post and who liked it. You just won’t be able to compare it to anyone else’s photos.

It is well known that the more likes you get, the more “popular” you are considered and many brands pay attention to the amount of likes to seek out possible ambassadors. This was brought to attention by Junior Maggie Sabanagic, Div.132.

“I believe this new feature will help people with self-esteem, but at the same time beauty influencers will lose their money,” said Sabanagic.

If likes were to be removed it’ll be harder to find what accounts and instagram users are idolized and get the most attention, leading to fewer brand deals and collaborations.

This new feature might cause a decrease in activity for those who base their content off of what their followers enjoy seeing. Junior Harry Bahena (Div.126) believes that this feature will affect the users who use Instagram often,

“This will negatively impact users by not letting them see what people like,” said Bahena.

If you hope to post content that your followers enjoy seeing, yet you can’t see the posts they have liked, you won’t know what to focus on when creating or posting. This might cause people to become less interested in the app because they won’t be sure of what kind of content to produce and others might stop using the app because no content they enjoy viewing will be available.

Instagram’s new feature is still in the works and is only being tested to see if it produces a positive outcome or a negative one. If the feature is made permanent, people might start looking for a new app to utilize.