Jack Cascade


After School Matters offered a Creative Writing Class at Taft, allowing Reyes to become a young author.

Jeremiah Reyes, Reporter

Jack’s Cascade a story by Jeremiah Reyes (Div. 124)  was Published in Prism: Anthology of After School Matters Creative Writing in 2018.

Ramsey has been a brother to me ever since we met. Both of our parents left us and put us in an orphanage. The other kids began to mess with me the third day. The bigger kids pushed me around. They pushed and shoved me calling me weak and a freak… Until Ramsey saw and came to help me he and I both knew we couldn’t win a fight against them, but still, we had to try. He got a scar across his arm that you can see to this day if you looked hard enough. I don’t know if I would have done the same then but now I believe I would. We’ve been together too long for me not to.

Following Jack’s trail of blood and bodies in London brought Ramsey and me to where we thought his “Lair” was. Standing outside an old warehouse which the records show hasn’t been used in years, gave me chills. Holes in the metal at the least proved that fact but it also means that he could definitely be hiding here. A cold sensation flew through my back, and I was sure Ramsey felt the pure… anger that suddenly surrounded the area. I zoned out while looking around and when I looked at Ramsey he was signaling me over to the door. He counted to three with his hand giving my mind time to calm itself. 1… 2… 3… The door flew to the floor it was so uncared for, and it broke with ease “what the hell…” T-The walls all the blood… Everything was covered in a scarlet red veil. A cadaver on the floor cut open violently, the organs pulled out in frustration and face cut into shreds. Some other cadavers and organs laid across the floor of the warehouse; blood covered every wall, a pile of flesh and organs sat in a corner. I couldn’t bear the sight of the destroyed bodies. I fully understand his name, The Ripper, and now I know for sure He. Is. Insane.

Before I could think I was grabbed and dropped to the floor, blood splashed violently and soaked my clothing. I tried to struggle but I couldn’t free myself. Whoever was pinning me down had a strong grip on my hands. I tried to yell for Ramsey as I struggled, but he never came. They must have got him too. Is this how we both die? By a maniac who may never be caught? I stopped struggling now and decided to let fate runs its course, but instead, they hit me I remember this hold though. “But… Ramsey why?”      


To whom it may concern,

Ramsey and I went to check out an abandoned warehouse. Hopefully, we find and arrest Jack but if we don’t, we’ll be back by noon. If for any reason I don’t make it back home, tell my wife I love her. And-

The rest of the letter is ripped in half or soiled in blood. The police said it was in his pocket when they found him… I never met my dad, and every day I hear people talk about how he was a good man. Mom cries almost every night over how much she misses dad. In the official report, it said two officers died but they only found one body. So what does that mean?… Inside I’m screaming from the pain that my mom’s in… That I’m in… Mom cries in her sleep now. Jack, The Ripper, ruined my family. I pushed my back harder on the wall of the hallway tears slipped past my eyes and couldn’t hold in my feelings. Soon my eyes were red and streaks of tears flew down my cheeks. “Stop. Breath.” I  started to wonder who do I really have besides myself and my own goals? What do you do when you have no one but yourself? I won’t let myself be overcome in grief like mom. I just… Can’t.