Brady in the spotlight


Niall Brady breaking tackles on his way to score a Tri for his team.

Rachel Dorsch, Reporter

Rugby can debatably be the most physical, risky sport. Originating in England, there are more than four million registered rugby players around the world, including senior Niall Brady, Div. 928.                          

This upcoming season will mark Brady’s fourth year playing Rugby. Not only playing as a scrum, but a fly half. He sees a lot of time on the field, playing not just for our Taft boys rugby team, but also previously played on “Illinois Select” and “Chicago Lions,” both being elite clubs to partake in. Rugby can be seen as an alternate version of football leaving pads behind and changing the tactics. The boys and girls tackle, scratch, and kick with nothing protecting their bodies besides a helmet and mouth guard.

Marking his junior year season, Brady was in game mode against Hope Academy. However, this game would mark a tragedy for him and the rest of the season. Receiving a concussion, he was unable to work full speed or make interactions with other players during practice.

“I couldn’t work on my skills at full speed, which made recovering and practicing new skills a lot harder,” Brady claimed.

Coming into his senior year, he is focusing on improving his gameplay by watching film and going through gameplans with his team. “ I am serious about going far. Winning conference is in our reach and making playoffs is right behind that. I am ready, I’ve been physically and mentally preparing for what is to come,” said Niall.

The Rugby season is here and many players are ready to show how much better they got over the off season.            

As a Taft community, we support and wish the team goodluck as they march their way to champions.