Girls Water Polo

Rachel Dorsch, Reporter

Ashling Staunton goes for the swim-off against a rival player. Whoever gets to the ball first would be in possession.

Continuing their season with a strong, positive team record of 14-8, Taft High Schools Girls’ Water Polo Team is focusing on advancing and keeping their momentum into playoffs.

Going into the season, the girls spent their practices focusing on improving their swim-off, and goal throwing skills. Conditioning in and out of the pool is also a part of their lengthy procedure. Continuing these routines would eventually pay off in the long run, “We learned to understand every position without the need for explanation. We were a younger team so as we’ve grown, so has our knowledge for the game. After each game we take things away and work on it in practice,” said captain Ashling Staunton, Div 917.

The team has played in tournaments against schools in the Chicago land area, such as the Riverside Brookfield tournament and the Vernon Hills tournament, where they walked away with third place.

Playing continuing rival teams in conference, such as Walter Payton and Jones was also a major focus point for the team. Due to the fact they are conjoined, talent from both schools show out. “Going into the game, a lot of our teammates had doubt. However, that did not stop us from trying our best to win. We ended up winning 6-5, which was a huge advantage for the Taft Girls water polo program,” said other captain Adriana Klemensiewiczm, Div. 916.

Going into city, the girls are continuing their determined work ethic to achieve the goals in reach. They will be playing top city teams, such as Lane Tech, that will make or break the season.