Spiking at home


Louie Piatkowski soaring high to throw down a powerful spike against a rival team.

Melissa Parra, Reporter

With spring sports rolling on the fields and courts, the Boy’s Volleyball Team has set high expectations for the season.

       Having a current record of 4-1 so far, they are on track a high winning season.

       “I think we are doing very well. We had our Lane game and we took them to three sets and our last game was 23 to 25 so I think its a real improvement over the past years where we’ve been destroyed in two games,” said co-captain Joshua Van Essen, Div. 916.

With the captains working hand in hand with the team, and with chemistry among their teammates, the team’s communication, and teamwork have shown on and off the field.

“A lot of them look up to me and see how I play and keep my head up so they tend to keep their heads up,” says co-captain Louie Piatkowski ( DIV. 921), when asked about how his efforts as captain affects the team.

       “This year is great for our team chemistry. I think that our captains all get along very well and we all have a sense of leadership so it’s not just like we are designating one spot for one person, it’s everyone collectively being a leader towards one another and we are all picking up the pace, so if one person’s feeling down we are all there for each other it’s not just one person who’s incharge of that,” adds Van Essen.

“So far this seasons been good. We are three and one in conference and we are six and five overall. It’s been very good so far, [considering] we only have 9 players on the team and that’s been our only real problem. But they are a good nine,” said coach William Angel.