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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are beyond happy to spend the rest of their lives together.

Wiktoria Kosinska, Reporter

YouTube celebrity Shane Dawson recently made news after his engagement to long term boyfriend Ryland Adams.

     Dawson proposed to his boyfriend Ryland Adams on the three year anniversary (March 19) of their first date.*** After the proposal he jumped to twitter to share the news, writing, “HE SAID YES!!!!!!” as well as posting pictures of the engagement.* His fiancé also posted pictures from the night on twitter writing, “we’re engaged!! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you I’ve never been happier in my whole entire life!!”.**

     Adams recently uploaded a video where him and his fiancé sat down to talk about the engagement. Dawson revealed that he had several elaborate engagement plans that included Hilary Duff and Ricky Dylan.**** Unfortunately the timing wasn’t right and he couldn’t follow through with that plan. Dawson even admitted that on the night of the engagement he ran into some minor issues.

     Marina Balodimas (Div. 927) is a big fan of Dawson’s conspiracies, and tends to keep up with his personal life. “ It was of course a very heartwarming moment. I was just a little surprised when Shane proposed to Ryland. I expected that they were going to get married at some point but when it happened it was very sudden.” explained Balodimas.

     Fans on twitter went crazy congratulating the couple, as did their close friends like James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Jenna Marbles. Adams sister, Morgan Adams has agreed with Trisha Paytas that they must be the flower girls.***

     We don’t know anything about the wedding yet but fans are excited to see the type of wedding Dawson and Adams will plan. Amanda Stanton (Div. 935) said, “When I saw the news of the engagement I loved it. I love them together. I hope they vlog the wedding. I don’t know what to expect for the type of wedding they’ll have because I feel like Shane will want something small and Ryland would probably want a bigger wedding.”

     While Dawson may have ran into some minor problems planning the engagement, it was still a touching moment that they will both cherish forever. Definitely seems like congratulations are in order!