Programming madness


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Keely Simon, Reporter

Ever wonder how 3,400 students get scheduled for classes each year? Thanks to Marianne Villasenor, formerly a physical education teacher, the Taft Eagles are able to obtain schedules that help keep each student on track.

       Creating a schedule for a large amount of students is not the easiest job. For Villasenor, it’s an all year job, making sure that students and teachers are getting the correct schedule for a successful school year.

       “I create all the teacher and student schedules. It is like putting an extremely large puzzle together. I love the challenge of getting all the pieces to work. Every year that I have been a Taft, our population has grown. The first year I worked in the Program Office we had around 1500 students. Our population has more than doubled since then,” said Villasenor.

       In the process of creating a schedule for students and teachers, Villasenor has to consider the programs in which the student is enrolled and the teacher’s or course’s availability. This does create issues when finalizing schedules, which can result in students being placed into their second choice class.

       Another factor that plays out in scheduling for Villasenor is putting the staff and students into the online programs at Taft.

       “I have learned to do my job on two student information systems (SI and IMPACT) and now the third system (Aspen) is coming out this year.  I wonder how many more systems I will have to learn before I retire,” added Villasenor.

       As for her time here at Taft, she has enjoyed working for the staff and students everyday.

       “We are THE best high school in the city of Chicago full of amazingly talented students, wonderful teachers, great staff, top-notch clubs and powerfully awesome athletes. I have some amazing co-workers who help me do my job to the best of my ability. This is where my three children attended high school, so Taft will always have a special place in my heart,” said Villasenor.

       Taft congratulates Villasenor for her commitment to help every member of the Taft family.