Decision Day May 1


Spring means that college is right around the corner, and students are excited to show off their school spirit.

Patricia Magpantay, Reporter

May 1 is the National

College Decision Day and students must decide where they finally want to go and start working towards their career. But with a date so soon the pressure is on for those who still can’t decide.

College is a huge life changing decision that shapes a young adults life. Making a huge choice can be hard, especially if you’re choosing to leave home for your education.

Senior Isaiah Milanovic (Div. 932) said, “I’m still trying to decide whether I want to leave or stay here with my family. It’s a huge decision that I have to make and May 1st feels so soon. Some people are still stuck on where they want to be so extra time would be good.”

Applying to colleges is time consuming and can be hard trying to work around while going through your senior year.

Senior Karlin Chavez (Div. 932) said, “I’m still making time to visit schools and to find the best fit for me and my family. It’s a little overwhelming with the date coming up but I still have some time.”

While it may be a pressure on some students, others already made their decision long ago when applications were being sent out.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the group that oversees college admission practices, has set May 1st as the deadline to pressure high school seniors to make a decision before it’s too late. It creates a structure for students to navigate their college process decisions.

Senior Alex Kulikowski (Div. 945) said, “May1st is definitely putting pressure on student but people should have been looking into college much sooner. This is their future and their school, they should have been researching. It’s not too soon because there’s a lot of preparations going into you moving into a new school.”

Determining your future is a huge commitment and a process that takes months, even starting from freshman year we’re told about how important college is. Choose your path before it’s chosen for you.