Rivalry games to start off the season

Jared Wallace, Reporter

The boys water polo team has just started their season with a 1/1 record, and had two rivalry matches  against Vander an Lane Tech. Two tough challenges to start the season off.

     The team’s first rivalry match was versus Lane Tech. With a defeat marked, the team sought improvement to better themselves and make sure the correct mindset is displayed when facing their next opponent.

When asked how the match will turn out, Water polo team captain Edin Haskovic (Div. 019) said, “We learned a lot from the game, and we’ve now changed up how we do things to better the turnout of our games and to insure cleaner wins.”

     On Tuesday, March 12, at 4 p.m., Taft faced Vander in a gruesome match. They managed to beat them. The team was able to take only the good from their previous defeat and fix the kinks they had within the system. Bringing on one of many victories to come.

      When asked how the game turned out, coach Jason Polensky said, “It was a completely different game compared to the one versus Lane Tech. We saw our flaws and fixed it, along with getting practice inside a double deep end pool, so the match was even with no shallow side advantage. This gave us a much better gauge of who needs improvements as well. We will try to keep this upward climb.”

      The team ended up making subtle changes to positions to better the turn outs for the team, as Peter Rusak (Div. 947) said, “It’s about time we made some changes, and it has bettered us as a team, as we now Improve on not just our accuracy for throws, but also more complicated plays. Our defensive formation was shifted as well, but we are still weak in that aspect for the time being. We hope to better this by trying to find more and more combinations that work until we can find the set up that works best for us as a team.”

      The team moved on into a tournament match, each game with their own unique turnouts to improve their season further. The first one ended up becoming a win, while the second one was a hard defeat. “We were tired and exhausted from playing over aggressively,” said Haskovic. They came back in game three to show their endurance, while proving that the team has the ability to keep on playing even with a demoralizing game.

      “It all will come down to May, during the City match ups, that’s when everything will have paid off, and we can prove we are the best,” said Polensky.

     A positive mindset is the first step on the path to success for Taft Aquatics.