Shadow boxin’ in studio sculpt


Senior Samiyah Person shows off her shadow box, while Senior Deanna Gorder’s box is presented in the top right and Michelle Correa’s box is displayed in the bottom right.

Marcin Klecha, Reporter

The Studio Sculpture teachers received 300 chromebook boxes from the technology department and decided to reuse them by creating shadow boxes, inspired by artist Joseph Cornell.

     The project was about a 4-5 week long process of creating your own art in a three dimensional box. Every student was assigned a word in which they had to connect their life to it. They then were instructed to find correlating images in the computer lab to compliment their boxes. Some words that students had were: Sad, Happy, and Disaster. With the box, they were required to create a diorama that had a foreground, middle ground, and background, creating a shadow box.

     Senior Deanna Gorder (Div. 917) said, “I started with cutting the chromebook box into three parts, like rooms, in a sense. Then I collected pictures and materials to put in the small sections.”

     Gorder spent about 4 weeks working on this project, and said that “It was very nice to see the final product of what you came up with.”

     Along with that, senior Michelle Correa (Div. 937) said, “My word represented the word, Glamorous.” Correa feels like “the process of the project was pretty relaxing cause I can just sit there and put together what I had envisioned.”

     It took Correa about 3 weeks to complete the whole project. She explained, “The purpose of the project is to show how different people interpret words.”

     Studio Sculpture teacher, Amanda Nadig said, “I liked the shadow box project a lot because the words connect with the artist lives.” She also explained, “They have these scenes that tell a story or express and emotion/memory and its cool because they are about the student and their identity. I think that until you talk to the artist, you don’t know what its about.”

     The uniqueness of these shadow boxes definitely shows. There is so much thought and effort put into these dioramas that these artists made. They are all special in their own ways because a few people would have gotten the word “sad,” but the shadow boxes would be so different from each other. Would you create a shadow box of your own?